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We connect expert software users and prospective software customers who want real and honest advice


Find positive influences for your software stack

Forget reviews that can be faked, we connect you with real people who can share their experience of using software.

Authentic feedback

Real, genuine feedback from users in your industry

Deeper insights

Don't just look at a quadrant, get the answers that matter to your business

Network of experts

Connect with and grow your network of marketing experts using software in your industry.

Best Practice

Get the use cases and customer stories that won't be shared in keynotes and only shared in trusted conversations.

So ... how does it work?

1. Identify real experts

  • Search experts by industry & job title
  • Filter by the specific software you're researching

2. Book them for 1 hour

  • Book your chosen expert directly and pay for 1 hour of their expertise

3. Get informed referrals

  • Real reviews of the products and best practices that can help your business

Our mission is to help you get the best advice from your peers to inform your software decisions.